Handing the Complexity

We help clients secure temporary non-immigrant visas: H1B and TN visas for professionals, L visas for intra-company transferees, E/2 visas for treaty traders and investors, and O and P visas for aliens of extraordinary ability. In addition to obtaining non-immigrant visas, we also facilitate the non-immigrant renewal process both with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and foreign consulates abroad. Finally, we prepare amendments that may be necessary when a temporary foreign employee is promoted, transferred, or terminates his or her employment.

Kim, Goldberg & Im, LLC advises each employer on the best visa to pursue in a given situation, and creates the appropriate processing strategy, including alternative non-immigrant visas. This firm understands the needs of employers in industries such as manufacturing, technology, health care, food service, construction, consulting and education. Our overall administration process is a fully integrated blend of direct communication, hands-on attention to detail and sophisticated use of technology. Above all, whether you are an employer or employee, we provide service and guidance no matter how complex the issue.

Example of Our Services

Throughout the year, one of our manufacturing clients must temporarily transfer specialized-knowledge, highly-skilled personnel from Asia to installation projects all over the United States. We quickly turn around the visa applications so these essential workers are able to enter the United States and work as soon as they are needed.

We also secure immigrant visas, also known as “green cards,” so that companies can permanently employ foreign employees. In most instances, the process requires the employer to obtain labor certification form the Department of Labor(“DOL”) as an initial step in the permanent residency process. The DOL has overhauled its system and is continuously changing their policies and standards, resulting in audits. We are adept at responding to audits and resolving problem cases. In addition, we utilize other immigrant visa categories which may not require labor certification, such as extraordinary ability, multinational managers, outstanding researchers and professors, national interest waivers, pre-certified cases, exceptional ability aliens, and EB-5 investors.

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